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5 Wellness Gifts for Moms

Surprise—it’s almost Mother’s Day again! Yep, while it may seem like just yesterday you sent her flowers or wrapped up a new pair of pajamas, a whole year of first-class momming has gone by, and it’s time to celebrate maternal figures everywhere once again. So if Mother’s Day snuck up on you a bit this year, don’t panic—we’ve got you covered with five gift ideas that’ll leave any mom feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and appreciated. Oh, and did we mention they’re all 15% off with code COOLMOM15 through Friday, May 12, 2023?! Let’s jump in.

Verist CBD gummies for Mother's Day

For the mom who loves an extra hour of sleep

For busy, stressed-out moms who crave better sleep (sooo…all moms), we recommend Good Night gummies. Made with 25 mg of CBD and calming melatonin, these blackberry-flavored treats can help her drift off faster and stay asleep longer, so she wakes up rejuvenated and ready for anything. Like all of our products, Good Night gummies are made with single-origin, organic hemp grown on our fourth-generation family farm, and they’re packaged in a high-quality reusable jar she won’t mind leaving out on her nightstand.

Verist CBD body butter for Mother's Day

For the mom who loves getting after it in the gym

If you know a mom who’s into exercise, we’ve got a great addition to her gym bag: Reset Button CBD body butter. CBD has been shown to help effectively relieve pain and soothe sore muscles naturally, and Reset Button is infused with restorative cedarwood oil to amp up the relief even more. Available in two strengths—350 mg for CBD newbies and 700 mg for more experienced users—it’s a great way to help her recover faster after workouts and boost her overall well-being. Go for our Full Reset bundle and she’ll get a travel-size lip balm, too.

Verist Delta-9 THC gummies for Mother's Day

For the mom who loves a nice glass of wine

Buying for a mom who loves a relaxing buzz? You gotta go with our Delta-9 THC gummies. Made with 5 mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC and a 1:1 ratio of CBD, they create a smooth, elevated experience that can help her unwind even better than a glass of cab—plus, she can rest easy knowing they’re made exclusively from hemp grown organically by us on our fourth-generation family farm. Available in two juicy flavors, you might just want to grab a pack for yourself while you’re at it.

Verist CBD oil and CBD salve for Mother's Day

For the mom who loves time to herself

Sometimes the best thing you can give a mom is some time alone, and sending her off with our Chill Vibes CBD oil can make her recharging time even more effective. Available in three strengths, it features a cool mint flavor that’s perfect for adding to water, tea, smoothies or taking on its own. Pair it with our versatile Magic Touch salve as part of our Chill Out bundle and, well, you’ll pretty much win Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to tell her that both products are made with single-origin, family farm-grown hemp and packaged in sustainable, upcyclable bottles and jars.

Verist CBD products for Mother's Day

For the mom who loves supporting Minnesota makers

If the mom you’re buying for is all about shopping small, here’s how to win big: go with a Verist digital gift card. All Verist products are made with single-origin, organic hemp grown sustainably on our fourth-generation family farm in the Minnesota River Valley and crafted by hand to meet our high standards, so no matter what she chooses, she can feel good about where it comes from—and great about the benefits it comes with.

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