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Upcycle Your Verist: Bathroom Edition


Looking for smart and stylish bathroom storage solutions? Save yourself a trip to the store and look no further than your favorite Verist products. Once you’ve used up your oil, body butter, gummies or salve, you’ll be left with the high-quality glass and wood containers they came in. Featuring clean lines and natural materials, these packages are practically products themselves, so here are a few ways to use Verist containers to store and organize items in your bathroom.


1. Store Bathroom Essentials for Guests

When friends or family come to visit, creating separate containers of bathroom staples for them can make your standard guest bathroom feel like a chic boutique hotel. Our 4-oz glass body butter jars are a see-through storage solution for essentials like round cotton pads and cotton swabs, and you can even fill 1-oz oil bottles with shampoo, conditioner and lotions to create custom travel-size toiletries your guests can’t find anywhere else.


2. Keep Cleaning Products Close at Hand

Many cleaning products come in bulk, meaning you have to store them out of the way in your basement or laundry room—but why not keep a smaller supply of bathroom cleaning products right in the room where you use them? Verist’s 1-oz oil bottles are ideal for storing potent solutions like rubbing alcohol, liquid bleach and witch hazel, so when you notice a spot that needs cleaning, you won’t have to go far to get started.


3. Bring the Outside In

With so many hard surfaces, it’s easy for a bathroom to feel cold and sterile—but bringing in a few natural elements can do a lot to soften things up. That’s why we love using empty oil bottles and body butter jars to create small arrangements of flowers, foliage, rocks, shells…you get the idea. You could even plant a small succulent or place an air plant inside.

Whether you’re arranging flowers for yourself or storing extra floss for your guests, we hope you’ll keep finding new and fun ways to upcycle your Verist bottles and jars, so they can keep benefitting you—and the planet—long after your CBD is gone.

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