4 FAQs About Microdosing Delta-9 THC

4 FAQs About Microdosing Delta-9 THC

Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or Delta-9 THC, the cannabinoid found in cannabis plants like hemp, is known for producing the euphoric “high” sensation typically associated with marijuana—but taking this multifaceted cannabinoid doesn’t have to result in feeling stoned. When taken in smaller—and even tiny—doses, in a practice known as microdosing, Delta-9 THC can create more incremental benefits in the body, helping to reduce stress, improve focus and enhance overall well-being.

While microdosing has existed as a practice for a long time, it’s only recently become more mainstream, so it’s only natural that you may have questions about what it is and how it works. Here, we’ll get into a few of the basics so you can better decide if microdosing might be right for you.


Microdosing Delta-9 THC refers to taking a small dose (typically less than 3 mg) in order to experience mild yet beneficial effects. Microdosing is based on the idea that when taken in small amounts, Delta-9 THC can enhance focus, reduce stress and alleviate pain in the body without creating psychoactive effects.


Microdosing hemp-derived Delta-9 THC can work with your body’s endocannabinoid system to maintain homeostasis in a way similar to CBD. Even though Delta-9 THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid (and if you were to take 5 mg, the psychoactive effects could be prevalent), with a dose like 2.5 mg, you’re more likely to be in for a relaxed, focused result that can work to improve other aspects of your well-being. Some of those effects could include improved sleep, reduced stress, more stable mood and increased appetite. In addition, if you’re new to Delta-9 THC, microdosing is a great way to get comfortable with its effects in a more controlled manner.


The typical microdosage sits at around 1.0 mg to 2.5 mg, but if you’re an experienced THC user, up to 5 mg of Delta-9 THC may feel right for you. Microdosing with gummy edibles allows you to have a more consistent dose of Delta-9 THC as opposed to ingesting it in other ways, like edible oils or smoking. It’s best to find an edible that comes in a low dose, like Verist Delta-9 THC gummies. Each of our 5-mg gummies is meant to be cut in half, or even quartered, so that you can build to the dosage that works best for you.

Once you find your ideal dosage, start by taking it once or twice per day. This interval typically works well since it can take about an hour for Delta-9 THC to kick in—and its effects can last upwards of four hours.


Check your state and local regulations, but in many states, including our home state of Minnesota, it is legal to microdose hemp-derived Delta-9 THC in edible form. Because this legalization is newer in some states (including Minnesota), the Delta-9 THC market can be fairly unregulated—which is why it’s extra important to buy products from a brand you trust. At Verist, all of our products are made with CBD and THC that comes exclusively from hemp grown organically and sustainably on our fourth-generation family farm. Verist Delta-9 THC gummies are crafted with premium ingredients and contain just 5 mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC per gummy—plus they’re GMO-free, gluten-free and vegan.

Have more questions about Delta-9 THC, full-spectrum CBD, our products, our farm or anything else? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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