All About our THC-infused Seltzer (Including Why It’s In Glass Bottles!)

All About our THC-infused Seltzer (Including Why It’s In Glass Bottles!)

By now you’ve probably heard about the latest addition to the Verist single-origin hemp lineup: our new THC-infused seltzer, bottled in partnership with the brewers at Fulton in Minneapolis.

Made with 3.5 mg of hemp-derived THC—a lower amount than many other brands on the market––Verist THC-infused seltzer is free of alcohol, sugar, carbs and calories, so it’s light, refreshing and truly sessionable, which can be a hard combination to find with THC drinks. Plus, it’s available in two delicious, decidedly non-overpowering flavors: Lemon Spritz and Strawberry Mint Spritz.

While our THC seltzer offers many unique benefits for those who drink it, one of its most obvious differentiators is the way it’s packaged—in unlined glass bottles rather than the industry-standard cans. There’s a good reason we chose to sell it this way, best explained by our co-founder Nicola Peterson:

“Early in the process of developing our THC seltzer, we learned about the importance of using glass bottles. When a THC beverage is packaged in aluminum, the can liner leeches THC from the drink over time, causing it to become less potent and even ineffective. The idea of letting our customers down like that was unacceptable to us, so we immediately knew bottles were the way to go.”

If you’re familiar with Verist, you’ll know that doing what’s right over what’s easy is nothing new for us. After all, we grow our hemp on farmland that’s been in the family for four generations and still use 100-year-old tilling equipment simply because it’s better for the land—so selecting a seltzer package that’s a little harder to ship but a LOT better for the product was truly a no-brainer.

But enough about us—let’s talk about where you can enjoy a seltzer or two of your own. Verist THC-infused seltzer is currently available at O’Donovan’s Irish Pub in downtown Minneapolis and will be rolling out to other bars, restaurants and retailers throughout the summer, so stay tuned for more announcements about where we’re sold.

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