A letter from our founder Aaron Peterson


I grew up on a farm, knowing I wanted to be a farmer. From a young age, working and playing on my family’s 130-year-old acreage in the Minnesota River Valley, I developed a fascination with the power of nature and its ability to function purely and seamlessly through its innate symbiosis.

Traditionally, our family has grown grains, sweet corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, apples and squash, as well as raising bees. As the fourth generation now managing the farm, my wife, brother-in-law and I added hemp to the rotation shortly after production was legalized in 2018. We had no idea then the full power the plant possesses, or how deeply passionate about it we would become.

Today, Verist CBD exists because our family believes not only that CBD is a powerful remedy, but that producing it naturally, thoughtfully and honestly really matters. That’s why we chose the name Verist: it’s rooted in truth, just like everything we do.

The foundation of Verist CBD products is high-quality hemp grown as simply and organically as possible. We cultivate our plants in an all-natural, bio-diverse environment, water them with rainfall or natural spring water and manage them with beneficial insects in lieu of chemicals or pesticides. We monitor for the optimal harvest period and hand-select flowers for the finest quality. After weeks of drying and curing to fully express the aromas and benefits of the plant, we carefully extract what we need and craft it into the Verist products we offer to you. As founders, we personally oversee the entire process, ensuring everything is crafted to the highest quality with microscopic attention to detail.



Verist CBD products are single-origin, meaning they always come from hemp grown on our farm and are always processed to meet our high standards. Because of this, when you start a CBD regimen with our products, you can feel confident you’ll get the same consistent benefits with every batch of product. This steadfast commitment to quality is at the very center of who we are.

Our journey as a CBD brand is still just beginning, but the further we get, the more we understand just how much of an impact hemp can have on improving everyday lives. Whether it’s treating or managing pain, reducing anxiety or amplifying joy, it is truly amazing to see what this plant has the power to do—especially when it’s grown the right way.

As I near my 40th birthday, I appreciate how rare it is for a small multi-generational family business like ours to be able to survive the ups and downs of the past century. I feel incredibly fortunate to be launching this new venture on the same land my ancestors started out on, and to be showing my children that farming is a way of life versus just a way to making a living. Our whole family is grateful to be able to share our passion for honest, naturally effective remedies with you—our customers—and we are so glad you are here with us.

Aaron Peterson

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