Working together works for us.

As a fourth-generation family farm, we know what we do is rare—and that’s precisely why it’s important to us to keep doing it. As business owners, our family is hands-on, dirt-under-the-fingernails involved in the day-to-day operation of the farm, whether that be planting in the fields or planning in the office.

While living and working together every day can be a challenge (to put it nicely), we stick with it because we love each other and what we do. We’re raising a fifth generation of six kids who will one day grow up to run the farm themselves, and it’s important we teach them to work as hard at cultivating relationships as they do crops.

Our family values are honesty, integrity and transparency—three principles that are as important in life as they are in farming. We feel strongly about only selling our customers products we are proud to use ourselves, made from ingredients that have been sustainably and ethically produced. The idea of “our family to yours” means you can trust us to take care of you—and we’d never want to let you down.

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