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Good Night Body Butter

Everyone has their tricks for getting a good night’s sleep—and now you’ve found yours. Made with full-spectrum hemp extract and relaxing lavender, this luxurious body butter feels like lying under a weighted blanket on top of a cumulus cloud—leaving your skin as soft as a dream.

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The Product

We know you don’t trust your skin to just any product, so here’s the deal with our Good Night body butter:

  • 4-oz glass jar
  • Apply sparingly. Allow several minutes for product to absorb into skin
  • Made with shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E to leave skin velvety soft
  • Nonintoxicating (<0.3% THC)
  • Free of chemicals and artificial ingredients
  • Daily use has been shown to reduce anxiety, relieve aches and pains and alleviate sleeplessness. The effects of CBD are different for everyone and results may vary.

The Process

Verist hemp is grown on our family farm in the magical soil conditions of the Minnesota River Valley, where it is watered with our natural spring water and harvested and dried by hand. Our CBD is CO2 extracted, which not only creates a better product, but a healthier environment too. Simply put, we grow and process hemp for you the way we’d want it done for ourselves.

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Pesticide-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Sustainable
  1. Danielle

    Really great body butter! I finally found one that has a lasting moisturizing effect on my skin. The consistency & smell is very nice. Very natural scent that reminds me of Provence. Will purchase again.

  2. Danielle

    Outstanding body butter! I have been using it for a week now & love this product. Super moisturizing, light on the skin, absorbs nicely & has great staying power. The scent is very natural, takes me back to Provence, France. Will purchase again.

  3. Eva Johnstone

    Love that this is made in my home state of Minnesota! It’s a great product in terms of helping me sleep and I love that it’s not one of those massive CBD brands. You can tell it’s made with care on every level. Even the labels and boxes feel more personal than shiny mass produced stuff. I love the way this looks on my nightstand! 🙂

  4. Steph P

    I have encorporated this into my nightime routine and love putting it on my hand and arms right before I got to bed.

  5. Sarah K

    This was a great addition to my bedtime routine. I put it on my hands and elbows, and even though it’s a little greasy at first, it absorbs quickly. It helps me fall asleep faster and sleep deeper for sure.

  6. Leslie Wahn

    Okayyyyyy love this stuff before bed, especially with such dry winters. I wake up and my hands actually feeling like hands not like a chalk board 🙂

  7. Laura C.

    I have been using the this nighttime body butter and it has been awesome for my skin. I decided to try it and 💯 glad I did. I put this on my feet each night before bed and then put on some fuzzy socks and I feel so pampered. Such a great product for a self-care ritual. I have such sensitive skin too and have never had a problem with this product. My skin feels and looks great and I fall asleep like a baby.

  8. Helen

    This cream is a must for my bedtime routine.

  9. Owen Carlson

    Smooth skin and joint pain gone!

  10. maggie

    I tried this body butter and at first I was like this might be too greasy for me, but I kept using it and if I use it right before bed it doesn’t really bother me that it’s greasy, I can put on a lot and then just go straight to bed and it legit makes me sleepy and calm. And it keeps my hands moisturized throughout the whole next day, so the greasiness is worth it!

  11. Samantha

    I love this product. I purchased it because I was having trouble sleeping. I incorportated into my nightime beauty routine and now I fall alseep without issue. Also, love the smell!

  12. hellokitty43

    Love love love

  13. Barb

    daughter got this for me on my birthday and it makes my old hands feel young ahgain love it

  14. Jane R

    My husband hates the smell but it feels so good I don’t care! Use it every night

  15. Jaqueline Smythe

    Makes my sheets smell like my son’s room but I think it really does help me sleep

  16. Siv

    The cream came all melted and gross. There was an ice pack in the box, but it wasn’t cold. Called and they said it wa in the sun too long and sending another byt WTF does it melt? never seen that before

  17. JO

    pretty nice

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