4 Fun Ways to Upcycle CBD Oil Bottles

4 Fun Ways to Upcycle CBD Oil Bottles


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at Verist. We want to make sure we’re not only creating what’s best for you, but also what’s best for the planet. That’s why all Verist jars and bottles are designed to be reusable! So hold on to your canvas tote bags, because we’re bringing you a list of our favorite ways to reuse your empty Verist oil bottles—and we think you’re gonna love ’em.



Having the indoor plant jungle of your dreams is easier than you think—and empty Verist oil bottles are the perfect containers to help get you started. To start the propagation process, take a small clipping from your favorite healthy house plant, fill your empty bottle with water and set the clipping in the water so the stem is fully submerged. Next, place your clipping container somewhere that gets a lot of natural light, like a window sill or kitchen counter. Once you see about half an inch of new root growth (this may take a few weeks), you can plant your clipping in some soil. If you’re looking for a pot for a shallower plant, like a succulent, an empty Verist body butter or gummy jar would be perfect!





Purchasing travel-size products can be a waste of money and plastic, especially when you already have the full-size product at home. That’s where your empty Verist containers come in. Fill your empty oil bottles with your skincare and haircare products to create waste-free travel-size toiletries in seconds—you can even remove the pipette from the cap to create more space. Our body butter and gummy jars also work great for travel, keeping things like cotton swabs and bobby pins in one container so they don’t get lost all over your bag.





Looking to expand your low-waste habits? Give bulk shopping a try. Many supermarkets and co-ops have an area of the store where you can fill your own containers to purchase only the amount of product you need. Your empty Verist oil bottles are perfect for stocking up on spices, herbs or anything else you might want to try in small amounts—just be sure to wash them thoroughly first.




Store-bought air fresheners often come in unrecyclable aerosol containers and contain unpronounceable artificial ingredients. Luckily, you can create a healthier and better-smelling alternative by turning an empty Verist oil bottle into a custom reed diffuser. First, fill the bottle with your favorite essential oil—we like lavender to create a calming mood. Then add and arrange your reed diffusers in the bottle. If you don’t have reeds, bamboo skewers are another great option that may be easier to find—just be sure to trim off the sharp ends and cut them down to size. Aaaand you’re done! This project is so simple, you may want to make a few at a time and place them all around your home so every room smells fresh.

We want to see how you upcycle your empty Verist CBD containers! Share your photos on social and tag us @shopverist—we may even reshare your ideas on our channels.



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