Five Ways to Make CBD Part of Your Daily Routine

Five Ways to Make CBD Part of Your Daily Routine

Whether you’re toning your abs or learning a new language, consistency is key for getting great results—and taking CBD is no different. Because CBD builds up in the body, consistent usage (and the right dosage) are extremely important for helping to relieve physical pain and stress, improve sleep and/or tackle anxiety. To that end, we’re giving you five simple ways to incorporate CBD into your daily routine—making it easier than ever to see effective results.


If coffee is already your favorite part of the day, get ready—because it’s about to get even better. Whether you brew a cup at home or grab a latte from the cafe down the street, pairing your coffee with a dropper of CBD oil—like Verist’s velvety smooth Au Naturel oil—can help you get your morning boost without those unwelcome caffeine jitters. Not a coffee drinker? CBD oil goes great with hot tea or a glass of water, too.


From FaceTiming with relatives to Zooming with coworkers—not to mention sorting through emails, paying bills and staying up-to-date on social media—life these days is filled with screen time. Staying constantly connected can feel intense and overwhelming, so when you can find a spare minute, CBD oil is a great way to give your mind a break. Our full-spectrum Chill Vibes oil is an easy solution, as it’s made with mint—a natural pick-me-up—and multi-beneficial MCT oil, which helps the body make ketones, a source of energy for the brain. Whether you take it under your tongue or mix it with water, Chill Vibes oil can help keep you clear and centered when you’re being pulled in all directions. We recommend keeping a bottle on your desk so you never have to go far for relief.


When it comes to caring for dry or chapped lips, that old stick of lip balm at the bottom of your backpack or purse works okay, but let’s be honest—your skin deserves better. Verist Fresh Air lip balm soothes with the anti-inflammatory antioxidant vitamin E, protects with moisturizing coconut oil and calms with full-spectrum CBD. Organic, cruelty-free and chemical-free like all of our products, it’s a topical CBD solution that’s good for you and the planet. Plus, its streamlined glass jar is easy to bring anywhere and simple to reuse when your product is gone.


Throwing together a salad for lunch or dinner? Try boosting the dressing with a bit of CBD! The earthy, gently sweet taste of our Au Naturel oil is a smooth complement to a vinaigrette tossed with kale or arugula, and our Chill Vibes oil plays great with any recipe that calls for a hint of mint. CBD oil isn’t limited to lettuce, either—it can also be mixed into dips like guacamole or blended as part of a smoothie, among tons of other uses. We like to keep an extra bottle of CBD oil in the kitchen so it’s easy to add at a moment’s notice.


At the end of a long day, you might automatically flip on the TV or reach for your phone to relax—but there’s a better way to transition into a night of restful sleep. Applied before bed, topical CBD products can ease anxiety and pain, helping you fall—and stay—asleep naturally and effectively. Verist Good Night body butter is made with full-spectrum CBD and relaxing lavender as well as shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E that nourish and soften your skin while you’re off in dreamland.

These are just five tips for making CBD a part of your daily routine—but really, we could go on and on. Once you start seeing and feeling the benefits of CBD in your every day, you’ll want to incorporate it in as many ways as you can. Make sure to share how you’re using Verist on social—and tag us so we can include your favorite uses for CBD as part of our next list of tips!

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