From Farm to Bottle: Our Commitment to Sustainability

From Farm to Bottle: Our Commitment to Sustainability

From honest, clean ingredients to thoughtful, eco-friendly packaging, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at Verist. Read on to discover a few of the ways we work to ensure our single-origin CBD oils, gummies, balms, body butters and salves do right by the planet as well as our customers.



As a fourth-generation family farm, we’ve had the privilege of learning age-old farming techniques from the ancestors who worked the land before us—practices that have given us a deep and enduring respect for the power of nature.

We believe better plants start with better soil. That’s why we raise our hemp in the biodiverse environment of the Minnesota River Valley, tilling the soil with 100-year-old equipment rather than using nonbiodegradable plastic mulch.

When it comes to the plants themselves, our hemp is always sun-grown and watered with rainfall or natural spring water from the flowing aquifer on our farm. We avoid chemicals, instead using beneficial insects to protect our plants and complementary fungus to foster root growth. We feed our plants only organic meal and compost teas, ensuring we enrich the environment as well as the hemp we grow in it.



We harvest our hemp by hand, choosing only the plants we know will make the best products for you. When it’s time to process, we use pressurized carbon dioxide (CO₂) to extract CBD from the plants. This technique produces no solvents or toxic by-products, making it easier on the planet than many other extraction methods, while ensuring our products carry the full spectrum of potential CBD benefits. In short, you can rest easy knowing our harvesting and processing practices are sustainable—and if that doesn’t do the trick, just rub on a little Good Night body butter and you’ll be set.


Mindful farming practices are important, but we knew from day one that we also wanted our packaging to make a positive impact.

With plastic and other pollutants filling our oceans, rivers and valleys with harmful waste, Verist packaging is designed to be recyclable and upcyclable—so it won’t add to the pile. Made with beautiful high-quality glass, our bottles and jars are built to benefit you long after your full-spectrum CBD products have been used up. Need ideas for how to get started? We’ve got you covered right here.

Sustainability is a popular buzzword right now, but here at Verist, it’s more than a trend—it’s a core tenet of who we are. After all, we’re raising a fifth generation of farmers—it’s our responsibility to make sure the land is happy and healthy for them.

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