Why We Love Lemon

Why We Love Lemon

At Verist, one of the reasons we believe so strongly in the power of hemp is its wide variety of uses. And just as hemp can be made into everything from strong rope fibers to soothing CBD remedies like ours, lemon, too, is a versatile gift from nature. At Verist, we use lemon in our Good Day gummies not only to add flavor, but as another natural way to enhance the revitalizing effects of our CBD. Below are a few of the many reasons we love lemon—not just in our products, but as an overall way to naturally boost wellness.



Nutritious and delicious, lemons are a mainstay in cooking, baking and beverage-making. Whether you’re using a squeeze to flavor risotto, a twist to garnish a cocktail or some zest to punch up a dessert, lemon complements a variety of savory and sweet flavors with a fresh, clean taste that awakens the senses—so of course it was the obvious flavor choice for our morning-making Good Day gummies.


Lemon’s refreshing qualities extend further than just flavor—in fact, its astringent scent has been used as a natural deodorizer for generations. Lemon makes frequent appearances in various body-care products, as well as in perfumes and colognes, where it is commonly used in top-notes (the initial smell of a fragrance) as its smell is so light and airy.

In our Good Day gummies, lemon’s vibrant, eye-opening scent bolsters the naturally revitalizing qualities of our organic, single-origin CBD, helping you clear your mind to meet whatever challenges the day may bring.



Okay, fine, lemon and lemongrass aren’t actually related—but they’re both beloved parts of our product family. Lemongrass oil, an essential oil steam-distilled from the lemongrass plant (a tropical herb), is a key ingredient in our Fresh Air lip balm, giving it a refreshingly citrusy scent while moisturizing and nourishing your lips. And whereas lemon and other citrus oils may cause photosensitive reactions when left on the skin, lemongrass oil is sun-friendly, so you can feel good about wearing it no matter the weather.

From lemon and lemongrass to hemp and other beneficial plants, Verist CBD products thoughtfully and intentionally enlist nature’s gifts. The next time you find yourself with a spare lemon, it might be worth putting one of its many strengths to work.

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