Get Even More Out of Verist Products with Verist Rewards!

Get Even More Out of Verist Products with Verist Rewards!

You asked for it, we’ve been working on it—and now we’re excited to say the Verist Rewards program is officially live! As you might have guessed from the name, this new offering is an easy way for you to earn points on the Verist products you already buy, get rewarded for sharing Verist with friends and earn double (even triple!) points on certain days of the year. The points you earn can be exchanged for products, free shipping and more. Read on for full details and instructions on how to sign up. 

How does Verist Rewards work? 

Verist Rewards is an easy way for us to give back to our loyal customers. For every dollar you spend, you'll earn five points to use toward products, merch, free shipping and more. You can also earn points by following @veristjoy on Instagram and Twitter or referring friends, plus you'll get a bonus just for signing up.  

How do I sign up for Verist Rewards?  

Enter your email in the pop-up portal on the lower right side of our homepageclick here to go there now. Once you’re signed up, you’ll start earning rewards automatically on every purchaseand don’t forget to keep an eye on our socials (@veristjoy) for announcements about double- and triple-point days! 

How do I check my balance and redeem my points?  

You can check your points balance by simply logging into the Verist Rewards portal (lower right side of our homepage)your total will be displayed in the upper left corner. Once you’re logged in to the Verist Rewards portal, you can redeem your points by clicking “Ways To Redeem.Select the reward you would like to redeem, click “Redeem” and then select “Apply Code” to automatically apply the code at checkout.  

How do I earn points for following Verist on social?

Following us on social is its own reward, as we share so much fun content, but of course we want you to get your points, too 😉 Once you're logged in to the Rewards portal, click "Ways to Earn" and then select a social channel. The portal will take you to our profile on that platform. If you're a new follower, the points will show up in your account once you click "Follow." If you already follow us on that platform, the points will be automatically added once you click through to our profile. Note: these points are only redeemable once, so you can't unfollow/refollow and earn them again.

How does the Referral Reward work? 

When you refer Verist to a new customer through your Verist Rewards account, they will receive a $5 off coupon code that can be accessed through their rewards portal. When they use that code to make a purchase on our site, you will receive a $5 off reward that can be used on future purchases.  

Have more questions?  

Please reach out to us at We want to make sure you’re getting as much out of Verist Rewards—and every Verist purchase—as possible. 

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