Ver-y Scary Movie Nights

Ver-y Scary Movie Nights

Scary movie nights are the quintessential October activity—and because a little THC makes any activity that much better, we’ve put together a few combos of classic scary movies, fun themed snacks and Verist THC treats to take your fright night viewing experience to the next level. No matter how hardcore you are, this list is sure to scare your socks right off (in a good way), so let’s get started.   


You already know we’re kicking off with the Scream movies (watched in chronological order, of course). These campy Wes Craven classics are fast-paced, fun and just scary enough to send you under the covers without the threat of night terrors.  

Before you hit play, make yourself some old-fashioned Jiffy-Pop (shout out Casey Becker!) and grab a bottle of refreshing Verist THC Seltzer in Lemon Spritz. With 3.5 mg THC, our seltzer delivers an elevated experience that lets you relax and enjoy the movie while staying alert enough to screen any suspicious phone calls.  

Wondering where to watch? The Scream movies are currently available to watch on Amazon Prime, Paramount + and Apple TV+. Verist THC seltzers can be found at a Twin Cities retailer near you.  

 Friday the 13th 

Temps are dropping outside, so if you’re looking for summer vibes, might we suggest lovely (and deadly) Crystal Lake? In the 2009 remake of the horror classic Friday the 13th, a whole new group of teenagers is forced to face off with Jason Voorhees, and spoiler alert, things get a bit stressful.  

You’ll definitely want a couple of our sessionable THC-infused seltzers to get through this slasherwe recommend Strawberry Mint Spritz to keep the summer vibes going. And if you’re looking for an easy on-theme snack, go with a bowl of S’mores cereal (just be careful those jump-scares don’t make you spill).  

You can stream Friday the 13th (2009) on Amazon Prime and find Verist THC seltzers at a Twin Cities retailer near you. 

Paranormal Activity  

The Paranormal Activity franchise is another one that has had so many sequels over the years, but let’s be real: nothing tops the first one. This found-footage horror flick never fails to keep you looking over your shoulder all night long. 

To amp up your paranormal experience, pop a Verist THC gummy in Lemon about 30 minutes before you’re ready to watch. While you’re waiting for the THC to take effect, fix yourself a bowl of Monster trail mix: the sweet and savory flavor combo will leave your tastebuds feeling almost as possessed as Katie. 

The first Paranormal Activity movie is available on Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix, and Verist THC gummies are available online and at local Twin Cities retailers. 


Last but not least, you absolutely must blaze the Halloween movies, featuring murderous teenager Michael Myers and, of course, Jamie Lee Curtis in her film debut. This franchise also has a more recent reboot, but we’re sticking with the classics to really get in the spooky season spirit.   

An iconic Halloween movie calls for classic seasonal snacks, so after you enjoy a Verist THC gummy or two (go for Passion Fruit this time!), break into your Halloween candy stash a little early or whip up some Caramel Apple Nachos if you feel like getting a little fancier.  

You can stream the Halloween movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime and several other services. Verist THC gummies are available online and at local Twin Cities retailers. 

Palette Cleansers   

Too scared to sleep but still want to stay in the Halloween mood? Follow up your scary selection with some Verist CBD and one of these more light-hearted options:   

  • Wednesday (Netflix)  
  • Halloweentown (Disney+) 
  • Coraline (Hulu)  
  • Haunted Mansion (Disney+)  
  • Scary Movie (Hulu)  

Happy watching, and remember: always consume responsibly and keep your doors and windows locked just in case.  

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